Jessica Floyd, Ph.D.

Dr. Floyd on SisterMentors:

I was blessed to find SisterMentors by happenstance. It was one day while I was researching literature for my dissertation that I fell upon a dissertation abstract written by a SisterMentors graduate. I searched her name on the Internet, and found this wonderful program. Although I was close to completing my dissertation, working full time was making it difficult for me to stay motivated. Once I found SisterMentors, I knew that I had the support and guidance I needed to push through. In addition, I was able to give back this support and motivation to young girls looking to follow the same dreams. As a native to the Washington, D.C. area, I felt much gratitude in being able to mentor young girls from my community. I have Dr. Lewis and all of the women of SisterMentors to thank for giving me the final pushes, reality checks, and inspirational thoughts I needed to persevere and complete this very long journey.