SisterMentors’ 20th Anniversary Campaign

Nurturing the Next Generation of Women of Color Leaders

As it celebrates more than 20 years, SisterMentors, the nonprofit program under the umbrella of EduSeed, is moving forward with renewed vision and energy.

We have launched a campaign to maintain our current work and to substantially increase the number of women and girls that we serve through the following priorities:

  • Sustain the long-term commitment SisterMentors has to our current women and girls while responding to their rising needs. Girls start SisterMentors in elementary or middle school and continue through college graduation and women spend 2 to 6 years completing their doctorate.
  • Increase the number of women and girls served through collaborations and partnerships including with organizations that serve women and girls of color.
  • Grow staff to support more women and girls, and develop staff as future leaders in the nonprofit sector helping communities of color.

Now More Than Ever

We are excited to increase the level of support for SisterMentors with a growing community of supporters who will help us to:

  • Mentor more girls like Chelsie. SisterMentors 9th grader, Chelsie, has created her own small business selling her artistic mugs and homemade soaps, earning money toward her future college education.
  • Make more long-term commitments to girls like Azeb. Azeb began SisterMentors when she was 13 years old and was inspired by the women mentors pursuing their doctorates. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University and today Azeb is 26, pursing a doctorate in Pharmacy at Shenandoah University.
  • Help more women of color like Emilie to mentor young girls and earn the doctorate. Emilie earned her Ph.D. in Art History from Northwestern University and counts her relationship with her mentee, Yessica, who started SisterMentors at 11 years old, as “one of the greatest gifts she has received.” Emilie is now a professor at New York City College of Technology and Yessica is a senior at the College of William & Mary.
  • Hire more full-time staff like our Senior Associate. For the first time, a few years ago, EduSeed was able to add a full-time employee besides our Executive Director. Our Senior Associate is one of the next generation of women of color nonprofit sector leaders – and along with the other two staffers that the campaign will help EduSeed to hire and train, she will also help further SisterMentors’ legacy.

Here’s How You Can Help:

Match our Challenge Gift by donating $5,000 a year for 5 years in honor of SisterMentors’ 20th Anniversary.

Join the 50 plus donors who are members of our Dream Builders Society by contributing a minimum of $83.33 a month for 5 years – $1,000 a year for 5 years.

Make a monthly pledge of $50 or more for 5 years.

Make a gift of $1,000 or $500.

Make a gift of any amount you would like to provide.