October 1, 2001

Dear Friends:

We would like to thank you for your financial support of SisterMentors. Your generous contributions helped us to build this website. Thank You!!!

We are also deeply moved by the notes and letters you sent congratulating us on our program and encouraging us in our efforts. This is our first year of fundraising and we are truly blessed to receive such enthusiastic support from you.

Here is some of the feedback you sent us:

“I hope your organization continues to flourish. The funds will come — you’re doing such good work. The universe will conspire to help you.”

“This is a fine example of a small program that makes a huge difference in the lives of individual women.”

“Great program. Best of luck.”

“Please keep us abreast of your progress. We’d like to continue to support your efforts.”

“Program sounds wonderful. Congrats.”

“Good luck with your fundraising efforts which I am happy to support.”

“Keep up the good work!”

Your words of support warmed our hearts and encouraged us in our mission.

We appreciate your recognition and support of education and equity for women and girls of color. Thanks again. We’ll stay in touch.


Shireen K. Lewis, Ph.D.


Montina M. Cole