Emilie Boone, Ph.D.

Happy 20th Anniversary to SisterMentors! You have so much to celebrate! I have so much Read More

Fanta Aw, Ph.D.

I knew Dr. Lewis and her passion for education so when I was getting ready Read More

Judi Moore Latta, Ph.D.

I write this statement regarding SisterMentors from the vantage point of an original member of Read More

Randi Gray Kristensen, Ph.D.

I am delighted to write this letter on behalf of the SisterMentors Dissertation Support Groups Read More

Kangbai Konaté, Ph.D.

I am extremely pleased to write this letter about my experience with SisterMentors. I am Read More

Danielle White, Ph.D.

I joined SisterMentors soon after I began working on my dissertation in October 2002. A Read More

Genevieve Abena Yirenkyi, Ph.D.

The way I found out about SisterMentors was through my oldest sister, Caroline. It was Read More

Codou Diaw, Ph.D.

When I joined SisterMentors in September 2002, it was in anticipation of the dreadful isolation Read More

Carolyn Peoples Veiga, Ph.D.

Now that I have successfully defended the dissertation, been awarded the degree that has been Read More

Laura G. Daughtery, Ph.D.

The process of completing the dissertation is a singular solitary task. One is incredibly alone Read More

Shona N. Jackson, Ph.D.

After completing my course work for my doctorate at Stanford University, I relocated from California Read More

Koritha Mitchell, Ph.D.

When I joined SisterMentors, I had been in a 6-month writing slump. I was depressed Read More

Losang Rabgey, Ph.D.

I am deeply grateful to SisterMentors for creating a wonderful cohort that helped me to Read More

Jessica Floyd, Ph.D.

Dr. Floyd on SisterMentors: I was blessed to find SisterMentors by happenstance. It was one Read More

Adriane Williams, Ph.D.

Dr. Williams on SisterMentors: When I heard the word “congratulations” come out of my advisor’s Read More

Calandra Tate, Ph.D.

Dr. Tate on SisterMentors: There is a saying that some things may not happen when Read More

LaNitra Berger, Ph.D.

Dr. Berger on SisterMentors: Although my writing group at Duke focused on helping each of Read More

Lynda C. Jackson, Ph.D.

Dr. Jackson on SisterMentors: As a retired Air Force Colonel, I was accustomed to setting Read More

Tisha Y. Lewis Ellison, Ph.D.

Dr. Lewis on SisterMentors: In 2006, I came back to the Washington, D.C. area to Read More

Jennifer N. Bacon, Ph.D.

Dr. Bacon on SisterMentors As women doctoral candidates of color, we face unique struggles, challenges Read More