Vision Statement
Because girls of color are dropping out of school at an early age, SisterMentors is committed to mentoring girls of color in middle and high schools in the Washington, D.C. area.

We are giving back to our community by promoting the value of education among girls of color.

Our mentoring includes girls of color of different races, ethnicities and backgrounds including, Latina, African American, Asian American, Native American and girls of color who are immigrants.

Our goal is to successfully encourage girls of color to stay in school, excel academically and go on to college.

SisterMentors' vision is to open the eyes of girls of color to college educated women who look like them so the girls can see that they are heirs to a legacy of women of color who have persevered and achieved academic success despite the odds.

We collaborate with organizations that seek to increase the educational achievements of girls of color, encourage critical thinking, teach leadership skills, and the importance of community involvement.

We envision that the girls we mentor today will pursue Ph.Ds and be part of SisterMentors in the future. Imagine how different the world will be when that happens!

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