Donya Douglas, NASA Engineer and Technologist

Donya Douglas in Thermal Lab at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Donya Douglas currently serves as an Associate Branch Head in the Instrument Systems Branch at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Ms. Douglas' areas of expertise include research and development of two-phase thermal control devices for spacecraft such as Capillary Pumped Loops (CPLs) and Loop Heat Pipes (LHPs), state-of-the-art research into variable emittance coatings, spacecraft and instrument thermal design and control, and instrument systems engineering. During her 17 years of space flight work, she has authored or co-authored more than 20 publications and presentations. Ms. Douglas is often called upon across the country to present at technology conferences and workshops. She has been involved in several projects and technology development programs that help advance NASA's mission for space exploration and earth science. Those efforts have provided unique avenues for technological advancement across the agency. Ms. Douglas has received numerous Special Act and Performance Awards for her work; most recently she was the recipient of the Robert H. Goddard Award for Excellence in Engineering, the Career Communications Group Technology All-Star Award, and featured in Black Enterprise as one of the Top African Americans in Technology.

Ms. Douglas also serves as a mentor and role model for women and minorities both at work and in her community. Her career is featured within the highly successful NASA animated children's program, 'Space Place'. In addition, she recently gave her consent to Tennessee State to be included in their science text book for elementary students to be released later this year.

As a single mother of three boys, one who is challenged with Down's syndrome, Ms. Douglas has a unique way of taking responsibility. Her experiences have molded an individual equipped within a unique understanding of and sensitivity to the hardships and challenges faced by women. It has also instilled within Ms. Douglas Douglas a desire to be a role model for her own children, one of whom is currently pursuing an Electrical Engineering Degree at Morgan State University.

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